2009 International Workshop
In honour of Giorgio Gagliani
  Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation
Cassino (FR) - Italy - April 2-3 2009


Sponsored by

Sponsored by Regione Lazio

Workshop Program (Provisory)

April 2nd, 15:00-19:00


Welcome address:

  • Enrica Iannucci, Dean of the Faculty of Economics
  • Marina Bianchi, Director of the Department of Economic Sciences
  • Francesco Ferrante, Coordinator, Master Course in Economics and Banking.

15:30 - 17.30

Chair: Enrico Santarelli

15:30-16:10Mirjam C. van Praag (University of Amsterdam):
Returns to Education and the Richard Branson effect: Entrepreneurs versus employees
16:10-16:30Discussant: Roberto Torrini (Banca d’Italia)
16:30-17:10Maurizio Pugno (University of Cassino & CREAM)
Entrepreneurship and the Hidden Economy: a Matching model (co-author: Gaetano Lisi, University of Cassino)
17:10-17:30Discussant: Enrico Santarelli
17:30-18:00Coffee break
18:00-19:00Round table - Cultural and Artistic Entrepreneurship: case studies and lessons to be learned. Chair: Marina Bianchi (Università di Cassino & CREAM); Tito Bianchi (Dipartimento Politiche per lo Sviluppo e la Coesione Economica), Marco Bettiol (Università di Padova and TEDIS)

April 3rd, 9:15-19:15

9:20 - 12.10

Chair: Roberto Torrini

9:20-10:00Enrico Santarelli (University of Bologna):
Creative industries, new Business formation and regional economic growth". (co-authors: Piergiovanni, R. and Carree M.)
10:00-10:20Discussant: Francesco Ferrante
10:20-11:00Francesco Ferrante (University of Cassino & CREAM)
Opportunity Recognition and Development in a Solution Space: The Role of Knowledge (co-author: Anne De Bruin, Massey University)
11:00-11:20Discussant: Maria Minniti
11:20-11:40Coffee break
11:40-12:10Marco Bettiol (Università di Padova & Tedis)
Innovation, performance and design in the Italian industrial clusters' leading companies
12:10-13:00Round table - Entrepreneurial education, creativity and innovation: the role of Universities in promoting scientific and cultural entrepreneurship. Chair: Francesco Ferrante; Mirjam van Praag, Maria Minniti, Enrico Santarelli, Marco Bettiol

14:15 - 17.20

Chair: Francesco Ferrante

15:20-16:00Roberto Torrini (Bank of Italy):
Self-employment in Italy: a large forest made of bushes and secular trees. An appraisal of the return to education across different types of self-employed workers (Co-author: Andrea Neri, Banca d’Italia)
16:00-16:20Discussant: Mirjam van Praag
16:20-17:00Maria Minniti (Cox School of Business Southern Methodist University):
Ethnicity and entrepreneurial behavior
17:00-17:20Discussant: Marina Bianchi
17:20-17:40Coffee break
17:40-18:30Round table (Room 2.20) - Creativity and innovation in the cities and regions: Policy issues. Chair: Tommaso Antonucci (Regione Lazio and University of Cassino); Rosanna Bellotti (Direttore Programmazione Economica, Regione Lazio), Raffaele Brancati (MET - University of Camerino), Enrico Pedretti (Direttore Banca Impresa Lazio)