2009 International Workshop
In honour of Giorgio Gagliani
  Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation
Cassino (FR) - Italy - April 2-3 2009


Sponsored by

Sponsored by Regione Lazio

Workshop Objectives

In recent years there has been growing awareness of the importance of entrepreneurship for creativity, innovation and growth. On these grounds, governments around the world are increasingly implementing policies designed to promote entrepreneurship. There is wide consensus that entrepreneurial talent lies in the ability to recognize and exploit market opportunities by taking the relevant risky decisions. The nature of the discovery and exploitation processes, and therefore also the entrepreneurial opportunities and their expression, are influenced in essential ways by institutions and technology. The sort of entrepreneurial talent required to exploit these opportunities is similarly influenced. Based on these premises, the aim of this workshop is to investigate the sources of entrepreneurial human capital and the links between creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation.

In particular, the workshop provides an opportunity for all those interested in the Economics of Entrepreneurship and Creativity to exchange ideas on the following topics:

  • Human capital and entrepreneurship
  • Human capital and creativity
  • Motivations, creativity and entrepreneurship
  • The returns to education: entrepreneurs vs. employees
  • Institutions and entrepreneurship
  • Cities, creativity and entrepreneurship
  • Gender, creativity and entrepreneurship

The speakers will be:

  • Tommaso Antonucci (Regione Lazio & Università di Cassino)
  • Rosanna Bellotti (Direttore Programmazione Economica, Regione Lazio)
  • Marco Bettiol (Università di Padova & Tedis)
  • Marina Bianchi (Università di Cassino & CREAM)
  • Tito Bianchi (Dipartimento Politiche per lo Sviluppo e la Coesione Economica)
  • Raffaele Brancati (MET - Università di Camerino)
  • Francesco Ferrante (Università di Cassino & CREAM)
  • Maria Minniti (Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University)
  • Enrico Pedretti (Direttore Banca Impresa Lazio)
  • Mirjam C. van Praag (University of Amsterdam)
  • Maurizio Pugno (Università di Cassino & CREAM)
  • Enrico Santarelli (Università di Bologna)
  • Roberto Torrini (Banca d'Italia)


The workshop is open to a maximum of 30 outside participants, including young researchers, post-doctoral students, and professionals from business, government and non-governmental institutions.

Registration Fee

The registration fee to attend the Workshop will be €150 (including meals). Deadline for registration: 25/03/2009


The workshop will be held at the University of Cassino, Faculty of Economics, Room 2.20 (2nd floor)


Hotel al Boschetto
Tel. +39 0776 39131 Fax +39 0776 301315

Hotel Alba
Tel. +39 0776 21873 Fax +39 0776 270000

Please make your reservation before March, 25th: we cannot guarantee rooms after that date.

How to reach the University of Cassino (Map of Cassino)

You can reach Cassino from Rome by train. The train timetable can bee looked up on the internet at the following address: www.trenitalia.it. Trains to Cassino leave from Termini train station in Rome, where the train from Leonardo De Vinci arrives.

Further information

The workshop website at http://dipse.unicas.it/eci2009 provides updated information concerning the scientific program, registration details, registration forms, travel and accommodation facilities, etc.

Questions may be directed to the workshop organizers:

  • Francesco Ferrante (University of Cassino: f.ferrante@caspur.it)
  • Lucio Secondino (University of Cassino: l.secondino@unicas.it)